Sununu: Majority of New Hampshire Voters Are Not Aligned with Trump


Majority of New Hampshire Voters Are Not Aligned with Trump

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu asserted that Republican presidential candidates have a chance to challenge frontrunner Donald Trump in the state’s crucial early primary, but they must be willing to criticize the former president. Speaking on Fox News, Sununu referenced a recent University of New Hampshire poll, which indicated that Trump had the support of 37% of voters, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stood at 23%, and Senator Tim Scott at 8%.

Sununu emphasized that the remaining 60% of voters in New Hampshire were not aligned with Trump, suggesting that this number could grow further over time. Despite his belief that Trump should not be the GOP’s pick for 2024, Sununu has not endorsed a preferred candidate yet.


While most contenders in the Republican field have been hesitant to criticize Trump due to his dedicated base of supporters, Sununu firmly stated that Trump’s competitors need to be willing to address him directly, particularly during debates. He downplayed the risk of attacking Trump, as candidates would not lose voters they would not have gained in the first place.

Regarding Trump’s attendance at the first GOP debate in August, there has been no confirmation from the former president. Additionally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is considered the most formidable candidate against Trump, has faced challenges in his campaign, particularly in New Hampshire.


Sununu also dismissed speculation about his own potential presidential run, either as an independent candidate or under a No Labels ticket. The prominent Republican governor recently announced that he would not seek re-election to his current seat in 2024.

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