Telegram will go public within two years, if rumors are true


Telegram will go public within two years, if rumors are true

The Telegram messenger plans to hold an IPO (issue shares and go public) within the next two years. Vedomosti writes about this concerning a source close to Telegram. The information was confirmed by two other sources familiar with the company’s plans.


Now the platform is preparing an IPO: it conducts checks and selects an exchange for the further placement of shares. The company is rumored to be considering only two options – the Hong Kong Exchange (HK) and the Nasdaq. The first option is possible because almost half of the messenger users live in Asia, and in the future, this figure may exceed 50%.

According to one of the sources, Pavel Durov has not yet chosen the format for entering the market. Presumably, he can refuse the IPO in favor of two other options – direct listing (direct public offering) or through a SPAC company (raising funds with certain debt obligations from qualified investors).

Presumably, during the placement of shares, the company can be valued at $ 30-50 billion. Experts say the price will depend on the number of active monthly users, each valued at $ 50. In early January, the company announced that it had crossed the 500 million mark and is expected to grow to a billion by the IPO.

Earlier, Telegram raised more than a billion dollars in investments by selling bonds. The cost of each security was $ 1000. The buyers were Arab funds Mubadala and Abu Dhabi CP.

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