What happens if you collect four GeForce RTX 3090s in one PC? Turns out that might make sense


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:30 pm

Some programs show linear performance gains

The GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card is the only member of the Ampere line to support SLI. And if you consider that Nvidia itself considers this adapter to be not entirely gaming, it turns out that among the gaming GeForce of the new generation, none of the graphics cards support SLI at all.

GeForce RTX 3090
GeForce RTX 3090

What happens if you collect four GeForce RTX 3090s in one PC? Turns out that might make sense

Be that as it may, even the RTX 3090 can only be combined in a bunch of two adapters. But there is a nuance: this is true only for software that can use SLI.

Experts from Puget Systems, known for the PugetBench benchmark and the creation of custom ready-made PCs, decided to test a bunch of four RTX 3090s! It’s scary to imagine how much such a kit costs now, given the shortage of these adapters.

So why did the source decide to build a four-card system when only two can be combined in SLI? The fact is that there is software that does not use SLI, but simply uses all the graphics adapters available in the system. And the tests show that everything works.


As you can see, the installation of the second adapter allows achieving performance gains up to two times and even a little more. The third card allows you to additionally increase performance up to 50%, and the addition of the fourth gives about 30-35% more, but not everywhere. As a result, the performance gain in both applications is not only linear, it is maximal. In V-Ray, the system performance with four cards is exactly four times better than with one, and this is very impressive.

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On the other hand, the source’s own benchmark practically does not react to the installation of the fourth adapter, and in general its efficiency is lower.

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