YouTube’s controversial changes arrived on Android and iPhone. Hidden comments and large clips


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:46 pm

Google began widespread

Google has begun the widespread dissemination of the new version of the Youtube video service interface among users of mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. 


YouTube’s controversial changes arrived on Android and iPhone. Hidden comments and large clips

The main changes on YouTube are that users can focus on viewing. YouTube for Android and iOS has now received a new video page. It raised up, but compressed comments and thumbnails of the video became larger. 

If earlier it was required to scroll down the page, now comments are hidden under the channel line and the subscription/notification buttons. The section shows the counter and the upper one of the comments, by pressing the user gets access to the full list of comments.

As the YouTube team explained, experiments showed that with the new design, users write more comments. At the same time, the thumbnails of the video became much larger. Details about the video are displayed below, and not to the right, and include the main picture of the channel. 

The Up Next section now displays more kinds of content, including updates, polls, images, animated GIFs from the creators of the videos, and YouTube mixes.

Innovations have been quite controversial. Especially for users who prefer more dense lists with thumbnails of clips. So, for example, on the Pixel 4 screen, only two videos are shown at a time. 

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