Google will fix the biggest Chrome issue on Windows 10


Google will fix the biggest Chrome issue on Windows 10

Google released Chrome 87 this month, with which the browser has seen the biggest performance boost in years. Although the browser is even faster, it still uses up a lot of RAM, which many users don’t like. Now it became known that Google is working to significantly reduce the amount of RAM consumed while Chrome is running.


According to the source, Google engineers are working on the PartitionAlloc FastMalloc feature, thanks to which the level of active memory usage for certain processes will not exceed 10%. In other words, Google intends to improve memory management and caching to make the browser more efficient and less resource-intensive.

Google originally planned to use the Segment Heap function to reduce the amount of memory consumed by Chrome. This feature helped Microsoft developers reduce the memory consumption of the Chromium-based Edge browser by 27%. Let’s remind, ” heap ” is usually called the way of organizing the dynamic memory of a computer. Under the “heap”, the OS defines a part of the RAM that can be allocated at the request of an application while it is running. It looks like Google has decided to ditch the Segment Heap altogether since Microsoft hasn’t implemented the ability to control heap types. It also turned out that Segment Heap causes performance degradation in CPU-intensive processes.

Thus, Google expects to reduce the amount of memory consumed using the previously mentioned function, completely abandoning the use of Segment Heap. The PartitionAlloc FastMalloc feature will allocate memory to improve security and performance at the same time. When activated, the number of operations in Chrome will be optimized, which will allow extremely fast resource allocation in the process.

According to reports, the mentioned feature has already been included in Chrome Canary. It is expected to be available in stable versions of the browser next year.



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