Now requires Windows 10. Google released the first version of Chrome under a new scheme

Chrome 110 drops support for Windows 7 and 8.1

Google has released a branded browser update. The latest version of Chrome 110 is now available to a limited number of users, but already belongs to the stable stage. 


Chrome 110 was the first version of Google’s browser to have an adjusted release schedule with a more cautious approach to distribution. Google has now given access to Chrome 110 to a small number of Chrome 109 users, with a major release coming in a week. It is assumed that this approach will allow developers to identify problems with the browser and fix them before a large-scale launch. 

Chrome 110 contains a rather long list of changes, but many of them are mainly relevant for developers and not for ordinary users. For example, Chrome 109 was supposed to be the first version of the browser to support CHIPS (Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State) – Google’s alternative for “Cookies” (Cookies) and proprietary additions to them. But it seems that the launch of this feature has been moved to Chrome 110.

Of the notable innovations, you can now insert characters like “ß” and “ς” in domain names. These characters have been handled correctly in Firefox and Safari since 2016. Another innovation is a simplified procedure for setting up languages ​​in the built-in Google Translate service for translating pages. Translator settings are available directly in the browser settings at chrome://settings/language.

Chrome 110 also drops support for Windows 7 and 8.1. The browser requires Windows 10 or later to run. 

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