To prevent shortages? Sony will restrict users to purchase PlayStation 5


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:19 pm

No more than one console per hand

One of the users of the American Reddit forum analyzed the official Sony website and found something interesting in the code. It turns out that Sony will limit users in buying the PlayStation 5 – people can only buy one console. So one person will not be able to get two set-top boxes at the same time – cheaper without an optical disc drive and more expensive with a drive.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

To prevent shortages? Sony will restrict users to purchase PlayStation 5

A piece of Javascript that describes the purchase procedure and is responsible for determining the number of STBs in the cart looks like this:

In general, it is clear that Sony will give out one PlayStation 5 to each hand. And this is bad news for those who, for example, expected to buy one console for themselves, and the other as a gift. After all, the PlayStation 5 is coming out just in time for the season of autumn-winter holidays, and besides, for many, it will be the most desired gift. Perhaps this way Sony will deal with the shortage of consoles at the start of sales – this is a common practice.

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